Support Virginia Alpha

There are several ways to support Virginia Alpha. The chapter runs several "era-based campaigns" and two standing campaigns. Use of these funds is determined by the board of Montalto Corporation and goes to support house-improvement projects and other initiatives on the strategic plan. Gifts to the Educational Fund are tax-exempt.

Era-based Campaigns

If you graduated in one of the years listed in the Era-based Campaigns below, please give to that campaign. The campaign captains have a friendly rivalry going.

2013-17: The Wilson Trust

Give to the Wilson Trust

2008-12: The Masons Fund

Give to the Masons Fund

1997-2002: Peter Schedler Memorial Fund

Give to the Schedler Memorial Fund

1990-96: The Doug Witmer Memorial Fund

Give to the Witmer Memorial Fund

If your graduation year is not listed here and you would like to become a campaign captain, please contact


Standing Campaigns

If you graduated in a year not covered in one of the era-based campaigns, you can support the chapter by giving directly to the House Improvement or Educational Funds.

House Improvement Fund

Gifts to the House Improvement Fund go directly toward the capital-improvement projects listed in the Strategic Plan. House Improvement gifts are taxable. Sign in for details.

Give to House Improvement Fund

Educational Fund

Gifts to the Educational Fund are tax-deductible and go toward scholarships for members who demonstrate leadership, commitment, and need. Phi Psi's dues are among the lowest at the University, and your gift to the Educational Fund helps keep Phi Psi membership accessible to the broadest student population. Brothers may submit applications for financial support to Montalto and awards are given each Fall term.

Give to Educational Fund

To give by check:

Checks should be made out to Phi Kappa Psi House Improvement Fund (or Educational Fund) and addressed:
UVA Fund
c/o Phi Kappa Psi House Improvement Fund (or Educational Fund)
P.O. Box 400314
Charlottesville, Va. 22904

Thank you!

Virginia Alpha does not give legal or tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor or attorney.
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